Are Maui Jims Better than Ray-Bans?

As an independent retailer and owner of many sunglass specialty retail stores, I would like to shed some light on this topic. We are, we breathe, we know sunglasses, and in this blog you will get the honest truth.

Since we opened our first store in 1987, we have been outfitting customers with the best sunglasses the industry has to offer. We have put thousands of great frames on thousands of great people’s faces. Some of our great frames have led to marriages and some to divorces! Some to incredible jobs and some to incredible blogs!

We are not manufacturers or dealers, we are not paid for this blog, we are not affiliated with any brand, we are just an incredible retailer with intense sunglass knowledge. We are the real McCoy! The honest truth! God himself says so!

So, are Maui Jims better than Ray-Bans?

They aren’t.

At our stores we sell both and have for over 30 years. Ray-Ban does outsell Maui Jim, hands down, no questions asked. Ray-Ban is an iconic and widely popular international brand that boasts an impressive collection of classic, eclectic, and modern frames. Not all face shapes work with all styles of sunglasses, but Ray-Ban’s iconic Aviators and Wayfarers seem to do the trick for all faces.

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With the sun surely set to appear soon, refresh your optics with some new sunnies!

Jawbreaker White Black

Merlin Cycles have a great sale of Oakley right now and we’re big fans of their replica sunglasses.

These Radar EV Path Prizm sunnies might not be the flashiest design out there but they’re the best performing glasses that we’ve ever used.

They are secure on the oakley sunglasses australia face, breath well on hard climbs and offer good coverage. Merlin has the white with Prizm lens for £120, and the Fire Iridium version at £104.

If you want to combine breathability with huge coverage then these Flight Jacket sunnies at £148 are a great option.

Alternatively, the Jawbreakers sit nicely in the middle and offer the easiest lens switching of the three.

Merlin has quite a few colours down at £120

Palace’s Latest Oakley Collab Is Dropping Today


Palace‘s latest collaboration with sports sunglasses replica brand Oakley drops today. The sunglasses, which were featured in Palace’s Juergen Teller-shot Winter 2018 lookbook, come in silver and black, with reflective contrast lenses and Palace branding across the nose.

This isn’t the first time Palace has teamed up with the eyewear brand. Palace’s Summer 2018 collection included an Oakley “Thermonuclear Protection” shell suit and colorful shades.


The UK skate brand isn’t the only one hitting Oakley Outlet up for collabs. Oakley has steadily infiltrated high fashion and streetwear, with the brand’s signature fake sunglasses being featured on the runway by Margiela, Opening Ceremony, oakley sunglasses men and Ray-Ban.

Replica Oakley Flight Jacket Sunglasses Review

As with many Oakley models, the replica Flight Jacket sunglasses are futuristic-looking and offered in an array of bold, as well as more conservative, colour and lens options. The new shape is similar to the popular Jawbreaker model, although the Flight Jacket loses the top part of the frame and the lower section has a chunkier, more beefed-up finish.

The Flight Jacket, perhaps expectedly, comes with Oakley’s sensational Prizm lenses, with the company offering Prizm Road, Prizm Low Light or Prizm Trail for road, low light or off-road riding, respectively.

Each of the Prizm variants are dialled to enhance visibility in their specified area depending on riding type — think greys and blues for road riding, browns and greens for trail riding — and if you haven’t yet experienced Prizm technology, put simply, it works exceptionally. Helping to increase the contrast of vision and making colours pop while riding.

By removing the upper edge of the frame, the replica Oakley Flight Jacket has a great field of vision while in an aggressive riding position or when in the drops. However, the chunkier lower sections of the frame do somewhat limit visibility, an issue BikeRadar also found with the Jawbreaker models.

The Oakley Flight Jacket is, obviously, not the first australia oakley sunglasses set of cycling sunglasses to include a lower section and side area of a frame, but the restricted visibility was noted when looking down to the gears, or even when turning to look behind. This may not be an issue for racers who generally have their eyes forward on the road ahead, but for the rest of us it is a limitation.

Oakley’s ‘O-Matter’ frame material results in a secure and comfortable fit that never feels insecure or uncomfortable when worn, while the considered, near perfect ergonomic shape, is nothing less than you would expect from Oakley Outlet.

Ray Ban Best Deals, Wireless Earbuds, & Kids Tablets


Every day, the Internet is teeming with deals, sales, discounts, and savings. But, as the Internet is a big, distracting place, said deals can be difficult to find. Plus, you don’t have time to sniff ’em all out. You have work and kids and a total of 25 minutes of free time that shouldn’t be spent looking for discounts. So, to help you out, we’ll be combing through the daily offerings and rounding up the deals we like, and think you might find useful. Today: there’s a great deal on a pair of wireless ear buds from Jabra as well as Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet and cheap Ray Ban sunglasses.

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

If you haven’t experienced the freedom of true wireless earbuds, this pair from Jabra is worth a look. They last for five hours on a single charge, and the included charging case can hold another 10 hours of juice. Built-in wind noise reduction technology helps keep audio clear, while a free app lets you set custom equalizer settings and activate Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant with a dedicated button. They’re marked down $40 less today.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

This specialized version of Amazon’s popular Fire tablet comes with a ton of kid-friendly modifications. Most obvious: a thick, brightly colored case that protects the tablet from when it’s inevitably dropped. Less obvious, but even cooler are the year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service and two-year worry free guarantee. FreeTime Unlimited lets your kids access more than 15,000 apps, games, videos and books so there’s always something oakley sunglasses for men new to explore on their tablet. And if your kids do manage to break it, Amazon will provide a replacement free of charge and no questions asked. Today, the tablet is $20 less than usual.

Ray Ban Sunglasses on Woot

Summer may be over, but the sun is still bright. Today only, Woot has a major Ray-Ban sale. In includes polarized and unpolarized lenses in a variety of colors aw well as frame styles, ranging from classic aviators to wayfarers to clubmasters. The bottom line: no matter your preferences there’s a solid pair of replica sunglasses here for you, and they’re all more than half off of their original prices.

Ray-Ban to open first Australian store


Premium eyewear retailer Ray-Ban is opening its first Australian store at Westfield Doncaster shopping centre in Melbourne on October 3.

The store will hold the largest selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses and optical available in Australia, with over 650 styles, including limited-edition models available for the first time in this market and exclusive to the store.

“This important Melbourne opening follows in the footsteps of our store openings in New York, London, Tokyo and Milan,” Ray-Ban brand director Alessandro Chiarelli said.

“We want to translate the core principles of the Ray-Ban Outlet spirit into a physical space, the best expression of the Ray-Ban brand.”

The Doncaster store will provide Replica Ray-Ban prescription lenses, with a cheap oakley sunglasses full-time optometrist and the latest eyecare technology to offer comprehensive eye tests.

“Australian consumers, especially Melbournians, are extremely savvy about quality and trends, and this new Australian boutique will bring them a unique, world-class eyewear experience,” Ray-Ban parent company Luxottica’s general manager of optical retail Australia and New Zealand Alfonso Cerullo said.

“The opening of the Fake Ray-Ban store not only helps Ray-Ban further grow its awareness, but also launches a new retail model… Ray-Ban retail destinations represent a place intended to be not only a shop, but a full brand experience.”

Ray-Ban currently has 116 stores worldwide, with 95 in Greater China, 10 in Latin America, eight in North America, two in Europe and one in South-East Asia, with plans to reach 200 stores by the end of the 2018.

Oakley Is Now Making Mountain Bike Helmets and Apparel


If it works once, do it again. That seems to be Oakley’s cycling product-launch philosophy. Last year at the Eurobike trade show in Germany, the company launched its new cycling helmets and apparel, and the internet pretty much freaked out with excitement.

This year (as in right now!), the company launched its new mountain bike helmet, the $200 DRT 5, and a small line of mountain bike apparel. There’s also a new high-tech (it’s Oakley, of course it’s high tech) jersey.

To help show off the helmet, Oakley enlisted three-time world champion downhiller Greg Minnaar. The South African has won more World Cup races than any other DH rider—21. That’s also the number of years Minnaar has been sponsored by Oakley. But this oakley sunglasses online was the first time he had significant influence on a product design. As he held the battleship gray—Oakley calls it Minnaar gray—helmet in front of a crowd assembled to see it for the time, he smiled with pride as he pointed out his favorite features.

The new helmet is not a full-face; it’s for trail and all-mountain riding and looks from a distance like some of the more popular models in that category—Giro’s Montaro and Poc’s Tectral. But get closer and the features start to pop. On the outside, toward the rear are two clips that point up like mouse ears. Oakley calls them the Eyewear Landing Zone. They’re there to hold your glasses to the helmet so you no longer have to shimmy ear pieces through the vents, which is a common but not super effective way to secure your shades on mountain bike rides.

With the clips up, you can snug your arms into them and rest your glasses on the top of your helmet. If you’re going to descend, or go rumbling through techy sketchy trails, you can close the clips, locking your arms in place. It’s a nice way to keep your sunglasses secure to your helmet before and after a ride, too.

The Eyewear Landing Zone keeps your glasses locked in place.

Inside, the helmet has a BOA dial fit system, which make adjustments easy. There’s also the MIPS protective liner, which can reduce the forces on your head in a crash. To keep sweat running down your face and sunglasses, Oakley added a silicone gutter across the brow to divert sweat away from your eyes. Designers also removed the front pad, which they felt only collected sweat. Inside the helmet, you’ll see just one minimal pad that sits on top of the head.

“We’ve all had pretty bad experiences with helmet pads, “ said Chad McKonly, Oakley’s helmet team leader. “They work for a while then fill up with sweat and at some point just let go, usually all over your glasses.”

On the exterior, Oakley carefully shaped the profile, especially around the ears to not interfere with sunglass earpieces. The hinged visor pivots high to fit goggles below it and it fits almost seamlessly with the helmet. It’s the one detail Minnaar obsessed over to get right.


It’s a great-looking helmet, with features that could make it more enjoyable to ride in than some others. The Landing Zone and sweat guard should keep your glasses secure and free of sweat while the Boa fit system and MIPS protective insert can help deliver a better fit and potentially reduce injuries. The $200 helmet will be available March 1.

First ride in Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses, ARO3 helmet and premium kit


Oakley recently released a brand new range of cycling helmets and apparel. A longtime player in the sports sunglasses department, riders can now deck themselves out head to ankle in Oakley gear. At the Crossroads Tremblant festival, Canadian Cycling Magazine had the opportunity to test out some of the new gear on the trails and roads of Mont-Tremblant, Que. Outfitted in the Oakley Jb Premium jersey and bib shorts, ARO3 helmets, and the new Flight Jacket and Field Jacket Sunglasses we were left impressed with the bold designs and performance attributes of the new gear.

The ARO3 road helmet


Whether riding the Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant on a brisk day or hammering through the first heat of the summer, the ARO3 kept our heads comfortable. The ARO3 is the most ventilated helmet in Oakley’s line-up. The large vents make it perfect for riding in on hot days. While we couldn’t distinctly feel air flowing through the helmet, our heads were kept from overheating. Most importantly, the ARO3’s padding does a great job managing sweat, wicking it away at the brow and ensuring it doesn’t fall into the glasses. A very important feature of all the new helmets is the use of BOA’s 360 fit system allowing precise and oakley australia uniform adjustments. It ensures sunglasses rest comfortably on your face unobstructed by plastic or more bulky fit systems like are found on other helmets. MIPS is added to make the helmet safer in case of an impact. While many manufacturers put sunglass garages on their helmets, Oakley’s is actually very useful securely holding our pairs of Flight Jacket and Field Jacket in place. The ARO3 retails for $260.

Oakley’s race kit


The Oakley Jb Premium doesn’t reinvent the race kit. We rode the new kit first on a leisurely evening ride when we could appreciate the kits comfort and design. On harder efforts in the heat back home, it’s performance attributes made it ideal for the hammer rides. The jersey and bibs conform to the shape of the body. While the fit is tight, it’s comfortable and all the seams are in the right places. Instead of compression bands, the sleeve and bib end with a clean edge. Internal grippers on the bibs keep them in place without compromising their comfort. It’s a kit that makes you feel fast and was constructed with light-durable fabrics. The three pockets on the jersey are a little high for my preference but keep them from sagging down when fully loaded. The Jb Premium jersey and shorts are available in black and grey. The grey colour of the shorts is unique but did become a little revealing in the wrong lighting. The Oakley Jb Premium bibs retail for $280 and the jersey for $255.

The Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses


New for 2018 are the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses. We tested the Flight Jacket with the Prizm Low Light lens and the Field Jacket with the Prizm Road lens. The bold new Flight Jacket frame offers a wide field of vision and is unobstructed on the top with the removal of a frame. Designed to address fogging and give cyclists who ride in an aggressive position a wide field of view, the frames generous size make the optics from behind the lens excellent. The Field Jacket offers a more traditional framed design but for most will offer sufficient coverage. What is new to both new frames is the Advancer nosepiece that allows the glasses to be pushed 5-mm further away from the face. This was perfect to prevent fogging on a cool evening ride when we stopped by the side to enjoy the view of one of Mont-Tremblant’s beautiful lakes. It also noticeably worked while riding in the city when we would stop at lights. It is also useful when climbing or at low speeds on trails in the forest when fogging could become problematic.


New for 2018 are the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses. We tested the Flight Jacket with the Prizm Low Light lens and the Field Jacket with the Prizm Road lens. The bold new Flight Jacket frame offers a wide field of vision and is unobstructed on the top with the removal of a frame. Designed to address fogging and give cyclists who ride in an aggressive position a wide field of view, the frames generous size make the optics from behind the lens excellent. The Field Jacket offers a more traditional framed design but for most will offer sufficient coverage. What is new to both new frames is the Advancer nosepiece that allows the glasses to be pushed 5-mm further away from the face. This was perfect to prevent fogging on a cool evening ride when we stopped by the side to enjoy the view of one of Mont-Tremblant’s beautiful lakes. It also noticeably worked while riding in the city when we would stop at lights. It is also useful when climbing or at low speeds on trails in the forest when fogging could become problematic.

Every Piece From Palace’s Summer 2018 Collection


After unveiling the collection with a Juergen Teller-shot lookbook earlier this week, London’s Palace has revealed all of the pieces from its Summer 2018 collection. This season’s collection features new GORE-TEX pieces, as well as a collaboration with Californian performance label Oakley.

Key pieces in the collection include the thermo nuclear track jackets, shorts and hats made with Oakley, the camouflager “Moorish” jacket and pants, as well as lightweight outerwear items. Other stand-out items include Palace underwear, special edition Oakley sunglasses and a bright-orange luggage capsule.

In terms of graphics prints, the Summer 2018 collection includes a new Panda graphic, an all-over wave print and a bones version of the classic Triferg logo. Take a look through all of the pieces from the drop in the gallery above. The first pieces from the cheap oakley australia collection are set to launch via Palace’s web store, London and New York locations, as well as the newly-launched Japan online store, at 11AM local time on May 4.

Oakley’s latest cycling replica sunglasses promise to cut down on the fog


When a cyclist works up a sweat during a long climb or fast sprint, it is not uncommon for the heat and perspiration to get trapped behind their lens, causing them to fog over. This can lead to impaired vision, which is especially troubling when australia oakley you’re screaming down the opposite side of the hill at 30-plus mph and can’t see the road in front of you. But with its latest line of cycling-focused eyewear Oakley has addressed this concern by creating a unique venting system designed to eliminate the fog altogether, helping riders to see more clearly at all times.

With just one look, it is easy to see that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the new cheap Oakley Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses. For starters, both are equipped with the company’s Prizm lens, which have been fine-tuned to offer the best possible clarity and contrast while riding. Oakley’s engineers have achieved this by fine-tuning the way individual waves of light pass through the lenses, which in turn allows cyclists to see more details of the world around them. This makes it much easier to identify obstacles in the road or pick a safer line to ride for instance.


Oakley has also developed what it believes is a new breakthrough in airflow technology that it calls “The Advancer.” Located in the bridge of the nose on the replica sunglasses, The Advancer gives riders the ability to improve ventilation at the touch of a toggle switch. When the switch is moved into place it not only opens a small vent in the nose of the glasses, it also causes the nose piece to slide slightly away from the frame. This has the added effect of moving the sunglasses ever so slightly away from the face, creating more airflow in the process. This should, in theory, help to keep fog from developing on the inside of the lenses.

The Flight Jacket and Field Jacket have also been designed to be extremely aerodynamic, while also offering 100 percent UV protection, too. The two models differ in some important ways, however, including the fact that the Flight Jacket features an open-edged brow for an improved field of view. That model also comes with interchangeable temple lengths to improve compatibility with a wide variety of bike helmets. Meanwhile, the Field Jacket is a dual-lens model with a more traditional-looking frame that has been built to accommodate prescription lenses.


Both the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket are available now on Oakley’s website.