Are Maui Jims Better than Ray-Bans?

As an independent retailer and owner of many sunglass specialty retail stores, I would like to shed some light on this topic. We are, we breathe, we know sunglasses, and in this blog you will get the honest truth.

Since we opened our first store in 1987, we have been outfitting customers with the best sunglasses the industry has to offer. We have put thousands of great frames on thousands of great people’s faces. Some of our great frames have led to marriages and some to divorces! Some to incredible jobs and some to incredible blogs!

We are not manufacturers or dealers, we are not paid for this blog, we are not affiliated with any brand, we are just an incredible retailer with intense sunglass knowledge. We are the real McCoy! The honest truth! God himself says so!

So, are Maui Jims better than Ray-Bans?

They aren’t.

At our stores we sell both and have for over 30 years. Ray-Ban does outsell Maui Jim, hands down, no questions asked. Ray-Ban is an iconic and widely popular international brand that boasts an impressive collection of classic, eclectic, and modern frames. Not all face shapes work with all styles of sunglasses, but Ray-Ban’s iconic Aviators and Wayfarers seem to do the trick for all faces.