The simple way Oakley Outlet earned my loyalty for life


When the unexpected happens

I live in Oklahoma. It’s no secret that our weather is questionable, mercurial, and down right nasty at times. We also have some of the most beautiful sunsets, anywhere. In May of 2013, we had one of the largest tornadoes on record, ever.

This tornado was approximately five minutes away from my house. As it approached (before it changed course and veered off) my windows were shaking; there was an intense howling, so indescribably loud, it sounded like a train whistle; the skies were a very funny color of grayish, greenish, black, and the whole day was full of fear, texting “are you okay?,” and gratitude that myself and my family and friends survived.

Losing something well-loved

What does this have to do with business, right? I’ll tell you. On that fateful day, I left my beloved Oakley replica sunglasses in the car. They’re just sunglasses, but I got them for high school graduation. I clung to them like they were worth a million dollars because my parents bought them for me and we didn’t typically “splurge” on such frivolous things; so they meant a lot to me.

After cleaning up all the mess and thanking the good Lord we were alive, I decided to email Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Australia to see if could buy replacement lenses for my beloved glasses. Keep in mind these glasses are thirteen years old at this point and their styles change often.

Earning customer loyalty the right way

I emailed them thinking well, maybe, just maybe, they’ll have some hiding in a stockroom somewhere. I received a message back from their customer service department in less than 24 hours. The note was personal, heartfelt, and polite.

This gesture made me love the Oakley outlet brand even more. It wasn’t their fault I left my glasses in the car, but they knew how much they meant to me. It probably wasn’t a big loss for their company to offer the discount, as cheap Oakley sells a great deal of merchandise, but to me it was a huge offer. I was able to get a new pair of glasses to replace the old ones and I never leave them in the car. I will always buy fake Oakley glasses, not just because I love the Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses brand, but also because I love their care, concern, and fantastic customer service.

What has a company done for you that inspired brand loyalty; big or small? What do you do for your own customers to keep them coming back to your brand?

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Cheap Oakley sues AM-PM over selling replica sunglasses

Oakley lawsuit
Oakley sued the franchisor of ampms saying its convenience stores sell knockoffs that are hurting Oakley’s bottom line. Pictured on the left are a pair of replica sunglasses bought from an ampm in Ladera Ranch, and Oakley’s patent on the right.

Oakley is accusing AM-PM convenience stores of selling replica sunglasses bearing a striking resemblance to Oakley glasses and says the stores are infringing on the eyewear maker’s intellectual property.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday, Foothills Ranch-based Oakley alleges that AM-PM sells sunglasses designed to look like Oakley replica sunglasses, violating seven patents filed by the sunglass company over a Cheap Oakley nine-year period with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The company is suing Treasure Franchise Company, which franchises ampms in California, Nevada and Arizona.

“Oakley and its iconic designs are well-known throughout the eyewear industry, and defendant’s eyewear model … is a nearly identical copy of Oakley’s design,” Oakley’s attorneys wrote in the complaint.

Oakley is in a similar battle with La Palma-based BP West Coast Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses Products, which also operates convenience stores. The lawsuit against BP West Coast Products involves the same patents.

In its lawsuit against Treasure Franchise Company, Oakley asked that an injunction be placed on the company preventing it from selling Oakley-like glasses in the future. Replica Oakely also wants a judge to order ampm to account for the money it made from the glasses and give it to Oakley.

Treasure Franchise Company’s parent company Tesoro Corporation did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.