Top 5 Best Deals on Replica Sunglasses for Spring Break 2016


The sunny season is upon us and Spring Break is right around the corner. That means it’s time to sport some awesome shades that will not only protect your eyes but will also make a personal fashion statement. Sure, you could shop for the cheapest “no name” brands at the dollar store… but the fact is that those will likely break and may not offer your precious peepers enough protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Replica Sunglasses are a personal matter and everyone has their preference of style and look. Are you looking for a classic style that will last you for years to come? Or would you prefer a more fashion forward pair of replica sunglasses that are both trendy and high quality? How do you even pick out a proper pair of sunglasses to best fit your face shape? This little tutorial should help.

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to look at five different styles of sunglasses for different reasons – fashion replica sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, sport sunglasses, classic sunglasses and designer sunglasses. Each and every pair featured offers Oakley Sunglasses For Men high quality at a great price. In fact, some are up to 75 percent off their regular retail price so they’re great values and great looking. If you can learn to keep your glasses safe and scratch free, they’ll keep your eyes protected for the long haul. So let’s check out the Top 5 Best Deals on Replica Sunglasses for Spring Break 2016.

1. Best Fashion Sunglasses: Tommy Bahama Heat Sparkle Sunglasses


Tommy Bahama is well known for fashions that celebrate the sun. These great Heat Sparkle sunglasses are the perfect way to protect your gorgeous eyes from damaging UV rays at the same time as you make a sassy fashion statement. Their acetate frames offer just the right amount of bling, while the polarized lenses protect and shade. Their oval frame shape is flattering to every face shape and the coppery color should look great with every skin tone from fair to tanned. These Heat Sparkle sunglasses will have you looking as hot as the island sun. Don’t forget to pack your beach bag with extra sunblock.

2. Best Aviator Sunglasses: Tom Ford Charles Aviator Sunglasses


Protect your eyes with these stylish Charles FT0035 sunglasses by Tom Ford. These sunglasses are made of metal and include the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. Pick a frame and lens color combination that complements your wardrobe or go with a classic color choice – either way you’ll look and feel great with these Tom Ford sunglasses. Aviator glasses are timeless in style, so even though you’re spending a little more, you’re buying quality eyewear that will last for decades while protecting your eyes from the suns harshest rays. These great glasses would look super sexy with the right pair of board shorts.

3. Best Sport Sunglasses: Oakley Eyeshade Heritage Collection Sunglasses


The Oakley Eyeshades tunnel right back to the roots of Oakley’s beginnings. The first edition was released in 1984 and resembled a blend of ski goggle lenses integrated with eyeglass earstems. Now, to celebrate nearly 30 years of what has become a staple in sports eyewear, Oakley Replica has revisited the past with its Heritage Collection. Rather than just pulling out old stock, Oakley relied on the same Eyeshade design but updated it to the standards that has made it a household name in eye protection. To begin with, the lenses received Oakley’s proprietary HDO (High Definition Optics). These Michael Kors Outlet optics provide three things. First, you see images clearer and sharper without any image distortion. Second, regardless of the curvature of the lens, images appear where they actually are, instead of being shifted. Finally, HDO lenses are impact resistant and filter 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The frames themselves were constructed from high-impact O Matter, so you won’t have to worry about them shattering when or if you happen to take a tumble. Want a more traditional looking pair of sunglasses? Check out Oakley’s GasCan sunglasses, or the classic Oakley Half Jacket replica sunglasses.

4. Best Classic Sunglasses: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer


Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, great for men or women, is a slightly smaller interpretation on the most famous style in sunglasses. The iconic Wayfarer® is immediately recognizable anywhere in the world. This updated version adds a new level of Ray Ban Wholesale playfulness to the iconic shape. The Replica Ray-Ban® signature logo is displayed on sculpted temples. The New Wayfarer® flaunts a softer eye shape than the original. Enjoy a classic and celebrated style while adding your own individuality. A contemporary update of a timeless icon, the New Wayfarer is light and comfortable and offers 100% UV protection.

5. Best Designer Sunglasses: Tory Burch Sunglasses


Big, bold and beautiful, these Tory Burch replica sunglasses will be the capper on your sassy sun bathing ensemble. They will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and they’ll make a bold fashion statement at the same time. These great sunglasses come with a handy pouch to protect them from sand and scratches. Plus, they’ll look good all year long. After all, the sun shines year round at least on some days. While they’re large, they are still one step below the super-huge Hollywood bling encrusted goggles, with a lot more class and great style. These glasses are light weight but not flimsy to make for a comfortable fit for most women’s faces. Tory Burch also makes great women’s jewelry and purses, so if you really want to go over the top, buy yourself some other Tory Burch accessories to go with your glasses.

Sick of seeing your Oakley sunglasses take a tumble each time you stand up

— Sunglasses that stay clipped on to your pocket might just be what you need


A pretty simple solution to an issue that’s vexed ‘cool dudes’ since the first hair styling gel was invented.

All those who’ve had a precious pair of replica sunglasses take a tumble onto an unforgiving concrete floor, can we have a show of hands, please? Okay, you can keep your hands down now and listen up – Oakley say they have this issue licked.


You see, their designers have come up with a rather simple solution – a little latch (duh!) that keeps your new ‘shades’ secure on your shirt while you sit around chugging beer in a pub. Okay, it’s actually meant for urban activity freaks – the sort of people who think a spot of parkour (or skateboarding) is just what you need to drive away the workday blues. But hey, it’ll even work for us sedentary types – whether you actually go around with a Cheap Wholesale Ray Ban skateboard under your arm, or are more like us (and prefer to get all your urban activity in front of a console or by lifting a pint o’ microbrew), the Oakley Replica Latch should stay put in your pocket no matter how much you’re jumping around.


Oh, and there’s another reason why you might like the Latch – the boost to your street cred amongst your more clued-in mates once you point out your new shades have been inspired by skate legends Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with photographer Atiba Jefferson.

Cheap Oakley Tombstone: shooting glasses we want for cycling

Oakley’s new Tombstone looks pretty well suited to cycling, but it’s designed for shooting.

Loyal brand followers may have noticed a new addition to Oakley’s range of Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses performance sunglasses this week. The Tombstone is the American outfit’s newest sport-shooting and military issue frame (or lack thereof), but it looks like it may be pretty great for cycling too.

Essentially the Tombstone looks like a frameless version of the ever popular Radar/Radar EV and to our eyes seems similar in shape to Spy Optics’ Daft.

Based on all the information we have from Oakley Outlet, the Tombstone was designed around sport shooting and military applications with an emphasis on field of view, contrast and clarity, and lens interchangeability.

Using pupil tracking technology, Oakley found sport shooters mostly use the central area and upper edge of the lens. It had similar findings when designing the Jawbreaker.

In a similar vein to its findings for the cycling-specific Jawbreaker glasses, Oakley used special pupil tracking technology to work out that marksmen mostly utilise the central and upper portions of the lens.

There’s no frame to get in the way on the outer edges of the Cheap Oakley Australia Tombstone lens, which Oakley claims offers a 120-degree field of view. As the frame, especially at the upper edge of a lens, is what we complain about most, the prospect of a frameless Radar makes a few BikeRadar staffers mouths water.

To keep lens changes quick and easy, Oakley Replica has used a ‘single trigger release’ version of its Switchlock system, where the push of a button releases the arm from the lens to be easily clipped onto the next. This push button system will likely add to the longevity of the Tombstone as ‘pop and lock’ style lens changes can become loose over time.

As with the rest of Oakley’s performance sunglasses range, the Tombstone will be available with the Prizm lens, albeit a sport-shooting version. Prizm is Oakley’s new lens technology, where special tints are used to block specific spectral peaks and colour wavelengths to enhance contrast and improve clarity in a range of light conditions.

Though it may sound like marketing buzz to drive up lens sales, in our experience the Prizm lenses really work – in a road cycling and trail environment at least. We can’t see why Oakley Outlet couldn’t just go ahead and release road and trail versions of the Tombstone lens.

Oakley’s new Tombstone comes in a few variants, but all for shooting. We think one with a road Prizm lens could be pretty great for cycling.

Though we’re not sure how well the shooting versions of the Prizm lens will perform on the bike, there’s also a version with a standard lens, and three lens shapes to choose from too: Array, Reap and Spoil.

For the moment the Tombstone only appears on the replica Oakley UK site and ranges in price from US$18 to US$25.

Best Oakley Introduces Latch Replica Sunglasses


As summer approaches, Oakley has introduced a brand new style of replica sunglasses that have been designed with skateboarders in mind. The silhouette is “a tribute to the creative and collaborative mindset that exists in the skate community” and is inspired by skate icon Eric Boston, renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson, and two of the skateboarding’s brightest young talents – Sean Malto and Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Curren Caples. Key features include stress-resistant O Matter frame construction for all-day comfort, UV protection, glare reduction, and a mechanism that allows the wearer to “latch” the replica sunglasses uk onto their t-shirt.


All colours of the Oakley Replica Latch are available now from priced between £10 and £60.

Oakley Sunglasses To Release ANSI Certified Safety Frames


On March 3st 2016, Oakley will step into the prescription safety glasses market with the release of two ANSI approved frames. These two styles will carry the ANSI markings on the frame and will be available in a large selection of safety approved and Cheap Michael Kors stamped prescription lenses.

Long the leader in performance eyewear, the safety category has been a notable hole in Oakley Outlet Uk extensive sunglass lineup. Their initial two entries into the market will be the Detcord, which is a more standard “dual lens” style that provides great coverage in a high wrap design, and the Industrial M Frame 2.0, which is a modified version of their workhorse M Frame “shield” design. They will also be adding a third style, tentatively named Tombstone, into the safety category in early February that will feature a unique shield design that is frameless on the top and the bottom.

All three of the ANSI approved styles feature slightly futuristic, industrial design language that appears to be equal parts space age design and 3D printing with a touch of Thunderdome thrown in for good measure.


All kidding aside, Replica Oakley’s entry into the prescription safety eyewear market is possibly the biggest news in the industrial segment in quite a while. The wide variety of tints coupled with their industry leading True Digital Lens technology, Oakley Sunglasses Australia will make these a go-to option for anyone looking for best-in-class prescription safety eyewear.

We are excited to see these styles in person and we hope this is just the first offering in a safety collection that continues to grow and, in the future, will also include some of their most popular casual and performance styles.